Custom Automated Systems

Faith Enterprises has provided custom designed Systems for diverse applications in and around the Semiconductor industry since the early 1980’s. Our experience enables us to provide solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations in quality and reliability. Years of supplying custom first-of-a-kind machines have taught us what it takes to get the job done right. And we know how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that are so prevalent in these types of projects.

The following examples are just a few of the custom machines that we have designed and built for our OEM customers. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

300mm Post-CMP Wet Transfer

Custom Automated Systems This is the first of its kind Wafer Transfer System that transfers wafers while submerged in DI water. These 300mm wafers have just undergone a chemical/mechanical planarization (CMP). A slurry residue that remains on the wafers can cause defects if it is allowed to dry. For this reason, the wafers must remain wet until the slurry can be removed in a cleaning system. This machine is needed to transfer the wafers from the CMP cassettes to the cleaning carrier. As soon as the operator loads a cassette onto the system, it is lowered into the water tank. When both cassettes and the cleaning carrier are in the tank, the transfer takes place, keeping the wafers underwater. The cleaning carrier and wafers stay in the tank until an operator is ready to load them directly into the cleaning system.

This machine was built for a major wafer foundry in Asia where it was installed in 2007.

300mm, Dual FOUP Transfer

300mm, Dual FOUP Transfer

This machine is a 300mm Batch Wafer Transfer System. It transfers two batches of 25 wafers from two FOUPs, interleaves them to half pitch (5mm) and loads them into the process cassette. It is ideal for batch processing tools due to it’s very fast transfer time of less than 90 seconds for 50 wafers. This system is available with options such as face to face transfer, notch aligning and more. It can also be configured for 25 wafer, Clean/Dirty path transfer.

300mm, Single Wafer Presenter

300mm, Single Wafer Presenter A customer needed to remove 300mm wafers one at a time from a FOUP and hand off the wafer to a process tool. In addition, the wafer must be flipped over so that the device side of the wafer faced down. This machine used servo drives and a touch-screen HMI. It also was enclosed by a mini-environment that joined up with the process tools mini-environment.

300mm, FOSB to Open Cassette Transfer

300mm, FOSB to Open Cassette Transfer This machine removes 300mm wafers from a FOSB, splits them into two separate batches and loads them into two 13-slot open cassettes. It is equipped with a Shuttle for the upper open cassette and a manually operated FOSB door removal system.